When Giuseppe Tomei and his son Francesco asked me to write something about their activity in the shipyard I certainly could not imagine that I had to summarize - in a short, narrow page - the story of a dynasty of famous ships lasting for over 200 years.
When I first visited the shipyard and discovered so much documentation and details about this family from Viareggio, I was really impressed and wished to know their adventures in making sailing ships, auxiliary sailing ships and motor ships in detail.
Giuseppe di Francia, Ceccotto, Beppe di Ceccotto, Guido di Ceccotto
, and the following others, are the men who, like a few in the sea history, at the same time operated as ship builders and ship owners with an endless devotion and for that the sea decreed their success.
These men left an inheritance, the devotion for tradition which still makes Giuseppe and Francesco accept ambitious challenges that other shipyards consider impossible in the field of the marine restoration.
In their shipyard you can breathe air of ancient times, wisely integrated with new technologies and an aim to perfection which makes every boat entering the shipyard Giuseppe and Francesco’s boat and restores it to the original splendour with all the new functionalities.
Every boat leaving the shipyard has a mark painted on the bows, a small white flag with a red "T" for Tomei – in the center – the symbol of a "beauty clinic".

Giuseppe Tomei Francesco Tomei Giuseppe Tomei Luigi Guido Tomei Pio Tomei Giuseppe Tomei Francesco Tomei